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The Scoring at Bayou Battles totals 215 points, available as follows:

Battle (100 Total)

There will be 5 games played at Bayou Battles this year, with each game worth up to 20 points. 

Points for most of the games can be earned through the difference of Victory Points earned as well as from scenario objectives.  Points from the VP difference are determined as the example below:

VP Difference "Winner" "Loser"
0-100 10 10
101-200 11 9
201-600 13 7
601-1000 15 5
1001+ 16 4

Scenario Objectives: 4 per game  (some available to both players)

Each scenario will have a unique set of objectives…you won’t play the same game twice!

Composition (None)

We have always viewed composition as a way to reward someone for bringing a weak army list, and penalize someone for bringing an uber-tough list.  But because we are all new to the game, and because (by all accounts) Kings of War is a MUCH more balanced game than our old system, we feel that a separate composition score is not needed at this time.  However, if you really feel that your opponent’s list was a huge detriment to your enjoyment of the game, you may (if you so desire), reflect that in how you score your opponent’s sportsmanship (see below).

While we will not have composition as a score that goes towards your overall score, we will likely be asking for you to judge your opponents’ army comp in some fashion.  This may be used as ‘market research’ for future tournaments or even as feedback to Mantic games.

Sportsmanship (60 Total)

Post-game Scores: 45
Post-Tourney Votes: 15

Your opponents, at the end of each game, will mark your sportsmanship as either “Good” or “Bad”.  Each bad game mark will result in a penalty against your 52 points, which we give you as credit, assuming that all attending at Bayou Battles are good sports.  Everyone may have a bad game now and then (too much beer by the end of the day, or not enough coffee at the start), so one bad game mark will not hurt your score.  However, a person that gets many bad game marks will suffer, as each bad game vote is a greater deduction than the one before.  Bad Game sportsmanship marks are deducted according to the following scale.  Note that all penalties are cumulative:

1st Bad Game Mark: -3
2nd Bad Game Mark: -9
3rd Bad Game Mark: -18 (+ ineligible for any awards)
4th Bad Game Mark: -30
5th Bad Game Mark: -45

At the end of the Tournament, each player will vote for his top 3 opponents, with points distributed as follows:

Best Opponent: +3
2nd Best Opponent: +2
3rd Best Opponent: +1

Army Presentation (40 Total)

At Bayou Battles, we have always scored the army presentation as a whole, and not just technical painting.  Thus, in addition to how well you painted your army, we look at such things as conversions, cohesive color schemes, and overall theme of the army when judging the scores.  This is scored by a single judge only, and is a combination of both quantity and quality, broken down as follows:

Quantity Painted: 10
Quality of Painting*: 25
MMC Adherence**: 5


*   You must have at least 75% of your army fully painted (3+ colors, based) to receive points for the quality of your paint job.  The Quality portion also includes points for conversions, theme, etc.
** Do your units meet the Minimum Model Count as spelled out in the official Kings of War FAQ?  -1 point for each delinquent unit.

NOTE:  Bayou Battles has NEVER awarded bonus points towards Army Presentation for an elaborate display board.  Why?  Awarding points for this is unfair to those traveling a long distance to the tournament.  These folks may not have room in their cramped vehicle (with 3 other players and gear) for a behemoth display board.  And let’s not even discuss space in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you!  We view awarding points for display boards as a “traveler’s tax”, since it obviously favors the local attendees over those coming from far off realms.  That doesn’t mean an elaborate display board might not sway someone’s opinion of your army when it comes to Player’s Choice voting…it just won’t impact your Army Appearance score. 

NOTE ALSO:  You must have fully painted your army yourself to be eligible for the Best Army award.

On-Time Points (10 Total)

Being on time is a very important way to keep us Tournament Organizers happy.  We like seeing people meet deadlines and being prepared for the tournament.  It makes our job a lot easier.  Thus, if you keep us happy, we will give you a few extra points:

Submit Army List by Deadline*: 5
Be on Time for Each Game: 5

* You will lose one point for each day your list is submitted after the deadline


Prize Support - (5 Total)

Anyone who donates a prize that we can give away either to category winners or as a door prize will gain an extra 5 points towards your total score. We all have a blister or box of models lying around for an army we just don't plan to build, or perhaps a brick of dice whose color clashes with the color of your army, or maybe some other cool item some geeky gamers would like. Or perhaps you can purchase something you know someone else can use. Bring it along and participate in what is almost a giant swap meet! You should be able to walk out with something you like! New or like-new items only, please!

Charity Support - ReRolls!!

We are happy to announce that our adopted charity for 2019 will be the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Anyone that donates at least $10 will gain the ability to re-roll one dice (either one you roll or one your opponent rolls--NOT one of each!) in each of the first 4 of the games of the tournament. You can either pay in cash at the tournament itself, or you may pay directly to our fundraising page online:

If you pay online, please keep a copy of your receipt and forward us a copy so that we can credit you with your donation. We chose this particular charity this year because of an unexpected diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis in my son this past fall, and all proceeds will go directly to the CCFA for research into causes of and treatments for this disease. The link above has more details for you.

Prizes and Awards

At Bayou Battles, we will give out awards for 1st-3rd place in the following categories:

Overall (Battle + Army + Sports + On Time)
General (Battle)
Army (Army)
Sports (sports)
Player’s Choice

We also give out a few fun awards, such as:

Orcling Hard Luck (Winner of game between two players with lowest battle points in final round)
Arm Chair General (Sports + Army – Battle)
Hero to Zero (Day 1 Battle – Day 2 battle)

Budget permitting, we also will give away some sort of Bayou Battle themed merchandise, as well as door prizes to random players.